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  • Bone County Roleplay [ENGLISH] www.redcountyrp.ga
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Unlike other communities, we are very secure for monitoring our servers,we got a well trained staff that allways there for you for issues.

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Any successful server requires a good community. we are a community that stands for fun, good roleplay, friendly, and our status #1 server.>

Immersive Experience

Here we house seasoned roleplayers whom help make the roleplay experience more immersive. Instead of shunning the undeveloped; unexperienced roleplayers, we embrace them on our tour.

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Our Story

Our journy began in 2008 we where one of the first roleplay servers on Multi Theft Auto, we allways wanted a nice experice for roleplay for everyone even today we did stop for a moment because mta roleplay was dying because its now more populair we have launched the long waited V6. MTA Radical Gaming Roleplay have 15.000+ Users registred and was #1 MTA Roleplay server in 2008/2009/2010.